Jewelry Designer Renato Cipullo

Renato Amedeo Cipullo comes from a family of jewelry designers and manufactures. The distinguished name “Cipullo” has long ranked among the most respected and admired in the Fashion Jewelry Trade. Papa Giuseppe’s advanced and unique concepts in jewelry manufacturing revolutionized the Italian industry in the early 1950’s. His seven laboratories, based in the ancient gem capitals of Florence and Rome, served as training grounds for his five children, Aldo, Edoardo, Renato, Enrico, and the youngest sister Maria Rosaria, all born in Naples, peculiarly enough, in a street called Via degli Orefici, Jeweler’s Street. The family eventually moved to Rome and got settled in the eternal city. Each of the children went on to achieve international acclaim in their own field. Edoardo, in Rome, is the founder of a very famous high quality custom jewelry company, “I’Officiel”. Enrico and Maria Rosaria are in the same field, each with their own company.

ALDO CIPULLO is known for his Coty Awards and his acclaimed contributions to the American Gem Society, David Webb, Tiffany and Cartier. He won several prizes, among them the Cutty Sark Award, and the MFA Award. He introduced through Cartier his most famous copyright piece of jewelry: THE LOVE BRACELET.

Renato Cipullo continues his family’s legacy of designing fine jewelry, watches and accessories at his New York office. Contact Renato now for more information about his fine jewelry offerings.